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2023.0.4 Update is now available! 


Reminder you must disable your Anti-Virus software BEFORE you install. If you have McAfee Total Protection installed, please disable real time scanning before applying the update. Refer to the Validation/Lodgement– ERRORS_TAXONOMY_LOADguide for steps on how to disable real time scanning. Also refer to the above guide if you experience prefill, validation or lodgement issues after updating


With this update you can start preparing 2024 Fringe Benefit Tax Returns, however lodgements cannot commence until the ATO opens the gateway on1 April 2024.


In this release we’ve made improvements to the following areas:

Machine credential (M2M) – auto renew now available!
M2M enables you to interact with ATO online services directly through your software assistant application. Previously, users were required to renew the M2M file directly from the ATO Relationship Manager. You can now quickly and easily renew your M2M credentials within your Software Assistant application; go to Options > ATO tab and click Auto Renew.

Note: if your credentials have already expired, you will need to renew again directly from the ATO relationship manager.

New version of Income Tax Client Report(ITCRPT) and Activity Statement Lodgement Report (ASLRPT)

We’ve updated the following ATO On-demand reports (Reports> ATO Reports) with the new ATO services and we’ve taken the opportunity to further improve these reports based on your feedback.

Income Tax Client Report (ITCRPT)

·       With the last 4 years of data being returned you can now run a report based on the ATO status(s) you wish to see. For example, you can run a report to display clients with an ATO status of ‘Not Received’.

·       If you wish not to include TFN on your report, you now can select to Hide the TFN when you click Preview.

Activity Statement Lodgement Report (ASLRPT)

·       The ASLRPT has been enhanced to include a lot more information about the AS obligations (such as due date, DIN, period etc). It also now displays a summary of your clients Tax Account balance, AS GST Instalment, PAYG Instalment and more. To see a full list of items included on the report visit ATOASLRPT.

·       Similar to the ITCRPT report, you can also select Hide the TFN option if you do not wish to include your client’s TFN in the report.

Client details comparison (between the tax return & client record details)

If you print the client details comparison report it will now display the print date and time for audit tracking purposes. In addition, all client detail fields across all return types will have the client details comparison report triggered when there is a difference identified.

Postal address for brand new return

Asan end-user who creates new returns using the IITR or NITR form, the postal address fields will remain empty by default, irrespective of whether the postal address checkbox is selected or not. This will ensure that you have control over manually entering the postal information during the return creation process.

2023 Individual returns with Business Worksheet (Item 15)

At Item 15 Net income or loss from business, with in the Business Worksheet, you now can select the business address based on the client’s details recorded. Simply click on the drop-down arrow to select the address type. However, you still can manually enter a different address by selecting the “Other address” option.

Practice report (Reports > Practice Reports)

The Hide TFN option is now available for Practice Reports within the Select Reports window. The Hide TFN option, when selected, will replace the TFN with asterisks (****) where the TFN appears in the report.

We have also added the TFN column to the Lodgement Reports as requested by our users.

Backup default option

Based on client feedback, we’ve added additional options within the Backup utility to allow your settings to be saved, including the ability to restore back to default. The new options are:
[ ] Save my settings                     [ ] Restore default settings

We have also added the following warning where Re-index data files option is selected:

It is strongly recommended that you have a valid backup before you re-index data files as it may result in data loss



IITR 2023

·       Incorrect lumpsum calculation when the Hide DOB option is selected

·       Incorrect calculation for ETP lump sum tax offset for code R & O

·       Deleting the Eligible Super contributions worksheet doesn’t clear the value on the main label

·       Private use component on Depreciation schedule is ignored when effective life is 1 year.

CTR 2022/2023

·       Validation error CMN.ATO.CTR.430220 incorrectly triggered due to Label E Refundable Tax Offset amount not transferring to Label I.

SMSF 2023

·       Hiding EFT in SMSF reports changing the EFT values on the tax return.


·       Access violation error when exporting Investment Report to Excel or CSV file.


·       Correct the Country name CITE D'IVOIRE in all ASIC forms.

Activity Statement:

BAS payable cover letter amount is not refreshing correctly. 

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