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Download to update to Software Assistant 2020.1.7

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2020.1.7

In this update we have included the following changes:

  • IITR2020: Item 9,validation error occurred after enter data in worksheet has been resolved now.

  • IITR2020: Item 8, ABN number is now generated in payload that will resolve validation error EM0032.

  • IITR2020: 0 value generated for Item 13 & 20 now when entered & also removed unnecessary Warning for item 13 & 20.

  • IITR2020: Item 13, Label X,P & Q not doubling the value on UI, they are corrected by adding new mandatory field “Distribution come from”.

  • IITR2020: PSS schedule removed from 2020 appear after enter data in item 9 which cased rejection for multiple users has been resolved.

  • PTR2020: Item 9, Rent schedule- Capital works deductions displaying correct value after rollover from previous year.

  • SMSF2020: New calculation for “Tax rate on non-arm’s length income” has been updated as per ATO.

  • IITR2020: Item 5, 6, & IT3- new prefill description has been identified and updated for job seeker.

  • IITR2020: Item 13, XML-mandatory error triggered after adding two or more worksheet has been resolved.

  • IITR2020: item 13,Validation error (IITR.730406 & IITR.730472) triggered due to negative value has been resolved.

  • IITR/CTR/PTR/TTR 2020:Business Worksheet, Low value pool deprecation rate has been updated as per old rate.

  • IITR2020: Item 13, Label P& Q, last digit of Decimal amount not generated correctly in payload issue has been resolved.

  • IITR2020: Item 10 now validating correctly after prefill and we have freeze country code for other data.

  • IITR2020: Item 15 Business worksheet :Depreciation: Covid-19 Accelerated depreciation for Non-SBE has been updated.

  • IITR2020: Item 10, unable to enter country code after select from drop down list issue has been resolved.

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